Risks of Urban Beekeeping

Bees, dead from exposure due to hive vandalism

While I was away someone decided to open up three of the hives and leave them exposed to the elements.

After the Hurricane Sandy

Drowned bees from a Brooklyn apiary

The west Philly hives made it out through the storm just fine, but the same cannot be said for other east coast bees.

Batten Down the Hatches!

Three hives strapped down for the storm

A hurricane is coming and bees must prepare themselves for the storm!

Checking Honey Stores

Doing a late August inspection on the hives and checking on their honey stores and brood rearing.

The Missing Queen?

Winter Prep in July?

A week and a half ago the Philadelphia Bee Guild's monthly meeting was on winter prep.  This was fabulous because I needed to get moving on things.  Yes, it's the middle of summer, but pretty much as soon as the spring harvest is over and the dearth around Philadelphia begins, you need to start thinking about the generation of bees that will take the hive through winter.  I will be away for the majority of August so it is doubly important for me to start things in July.  I thought I was taking adequate precautions last year, but

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