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Honeyfest 2012 at Wyck Historic House and Garden

Last weekend was Philadelphia's third annual Honey Fest!  The first one was held one year after beekeeping within Philadelphia was made legal again and was held to promote beekeeping and celebrate Lorenzo Langstroth's 200th birthday.  Langstroth, if you were not aware, is the father of modern beekeeping and developer of the first hive to successfully employ bee space with movable frames to make practicle reusable and exchangable hives.  This year I was also lucky enough to give a presentation on the history of beekeeping in Philadelphia with my coworker Sarah Newhouse...

300 Years of the Philadelphia Honeybee

One month from today, on September 8, 2012, I will be speaking at the Wyck Historic House and Garden for Philadelphia's 3rd annual Honey Fest.  The topic is the history of beekeeping, specifically how it relates to Philadelphia.  There is a lot of beekeeping history here, most famously Lorenzo Langstroth who was born in Philadelphia and used the concept of bee space to build the hive that is widely used in beekeeping today.  I will also be covering local beekeepers, such as Francis Daniel Pastorius who founded Germantown, Pennsylvania and kept and wrote about bees and other materials from the collections of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania.

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