First Spring Honey Extraction

Last fall I did my first honey extraction ever as a demonstration at Bartram's Garden for Philadelphia's 2nd annual honey fest.  This year I decided to pick up my own extractor and get some of the spring honey from the bees.  The mild winter around here did good things for many insects, and bees are no exception.  Normally it is rare to get honey in your first year from a new package or split, but I was able to extract 36 frames of honey from 3 of my 4 hives, and there are at least 20 more frames that are full

Pulling Supers

I went to pull the honey supers from the hives today for extraction this weekend.  It was the first time I used a fume board, last year I just shook the bees off of the 10 frames I extracted.  I used Bee Quick, which is a nice smelling alternative to Bee Go.  I don't know if Bee Go works better or not, but I would say it doesn't really matter.  I just put this stuff ont he fume board, let it sit on the super for a couple minutes and I could pull it off virtually bee free.  Much easier than last year and it made the bees less ornery. 

Extracting at Philadelphia's 2nd Honey Fest

I did my first extraction yesterday at Philadelphia's 2nd annual honey fest for a crowd of honey enthusiasts attending the festivities at Bartram's Garden in West Philadelphia.  There was a great turn out and lots of kids stealing tastes of honey while I was removing the cappings. 

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