I Went out to the hives to release the queens today. It was very exciting to open a hive for the first time since installing the package and see what they had done. I think the holes on my feeders are a little too large. Its been 5 days since i put the bees in and two of my gallon containers are half empty and one was completely empty. Maybe they drank it that fast, but I doubt it, especially since some of the bees had dried sugar on them.

Bee day!

Bee day! Yesterday my foray in beekeeping began for real and the hours spent assembling frames and painting hives would pay off. I picked up 3 packages of bees, 12,000 bees a package, and installed them. It was crazy busy at the pickup place. I wasn't expecting the mass of people there all to get bees. There were at least 200 people there when I arrived, and I made it there in the last 30 minutes that they had bees. The crew that came up from Georgia with the bees seemed to be having fun though, and they didn't seem too tired despite being up for more than a day straight.


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