Green Man

Green Man is easily the most comical of my geckos.  He is the most curious and always must know what is going on in and out of his enclosure.  He loves stare at you and it is kind of creepy to see his eyes follow you around the room when you are within his site.  As you may have guessed by the name, he is a very green gecko.  He has very vibrant hues of green and yellow that come out, particularly when fired up at night.  He is also not the most graceful of leapers, regularly slamming into large leaves and spinning off of whatever his original course was.  Green man also enjoys to make decorative tail art while sleeping for all to enjoy.  He comes from Canadian stock, the only gecko I have that is not from an American breeder.  This may explain his odd behaviors which give Green man such an enjoyable personality.

Rhacodactylus Chahoua
Hatch Date: 
September, 2008
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