Hive Profiles

Welcome to the the hive profile page!  Here you can read the story behind each hive, the queens who have inhabited them and the latest news one each hive.

Apiary: community garden

A fortress full of bees, set out to make their own way in the world and build prosperity for bees everywhere.  This hive was first established in spring of 2009.  It is currently on its third ruler...

Apiary: community garden

Cheese Palace was founded via a split of Boatmurdered in 2012.  The hive has so far given me no queen troubles and has been the most productive hive so far.  I made the split the last weekend of Ma...

Apiary: community garden

This hive was the strongest in 2011, but it began to fail in the fall and then the bees unfortunatly starved to death.  When I opened the hive up in March to see what happened I found the sad site...

Apiary: Private yard

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