I Went out to the hives to release the queens today. It was very exciting to open a hive for the first time since installing the package and see what they had done. I think the holes on my feeders are a little too large. Its been 5 days since i put the bees in and two of my gallon containers are half empty and one was completely empty. Maybe they drank it that fast, but I doubt it, especially since some of the bees had dried sugar on them.

The first two hives had accepted their queens ok, or so it appears, so I let them out to do their thing within the hive. The Third hive, however, had a problem I didn't anticipate. All 3 queens were fine when I put them into the hives, but when I took this queen cage out I found that the attendants had participated in a coup and had assassinated the queen by biting her in half at the thorax.  The works must not have been very pleased with her plans for ruling the hive once she gained her freedom and decided to stop her reign before it ever truly started.

I called up one of the guys I got the packages from and he said to check and see if there were any eggs in the small amount of wax they had drawn, or if I could find a rogue queen that was dumped into the package roaming the frames.  Occasionally they will miss finding the queen when they make the packages and she ends up getting shipped off in the package with the workers and a second, unfamiliar queen in a queen cage riding along with them. If I can't find a queen or eggs in a day or two he will give me a new queen, so except for setting that hive back a week it should be all good!

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