Final Tasks for Winter

Its getting to be about that time of year where there isn't much else I can do for the hives but button them up and hope for the best!  That isn't entirely true, of course, but it is too cold to feed sugar syrup any more.  One hive ended up absconding in late September, my strongest one all year is now worrying me a great deal, and the hive that started off the year by killing its first queen before she was even out of the queen cage is doing the best by far! I guess those bees know what they were doing when they put out the assassination order.

I picked up some Fondant a couple weeks back and am going to put some of it on the top of the frames today as more or less my last act in the hive until it gets close to the end of winter.  The bees can eat the fondant if they need to and it won't add moisture to the hive or really freeze in the same way sugar syrup would.  A little emergency food for the cold weeks and months ahead.  Good luck bees!  I will check on you periodically between now and April but you are mostly on your own for a little bit!

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