What have the Bee's built in 16 days?

Its been just over two weeks since I put the packages in my three new hives. The two outer hives are doing great! I am really worried about the middle one that killed its first queen, however. I was able to get a new queen in there that was excepted by the package of bees I had installed a week earlier.  this middle hive has far fewer bees, maybe 2/3 less than the other two hives. I did see eggs, but only a very small number. I didn't see any larva so unless I missed them that means the queen has only been laying for a couple of days. I figure all I can do at the moment is wait a few more days and check back to look for more eggs and or larva. Even if the hive turns out ok it will be at least a week behind, so I will probably have to put a frame of brood in from one of the other hives to strengthen it. Does anyone have advice on doing that? I imagine all I would have to do is brush all the bees off the frame (and make sure the queen isn't on the frame) and then stick it in the middle of the weak hive.

Anyway, pictures!

This is the first hive I opened up. Its doing fabulous. 6 frames are filled out, though for some reason they are only filling out frames to one side of the hive. I moved a couple of frames around to see if I could them to break habit.

This is the outermost frame on the hive that the are currently working on. Tons of pollen and some stored sugar water.

A nice close up shot of some of the pollen. Lots of colors, and I have no idea what plants it all comes from. There is a nice fat drone in the picture as well.

This is one of the middle frames. Tons of capped brood!

My first big mistake. I violated bee space. This is from the outermost hive. I didn't put one of the middle frames back in tight enough so they built another section of comb between the two frames.

This is all of the wax I had to cut away. Luckily they hadn't really stored much in it. I am sorry bees for making you waste your building efforts!

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