Extracting at Philadelphia's 2nd Honey Fest

I did my first extraction yesterday at Philadelphia's 2nd annual honey fest for a crowd of honey enthusiasts attending the festivities at Bartram's Garden in West Philadelphia.  There was a great turn out and lots of kids stealing tastes of honey while I was removing the cappings. 

People gathering to watch the extraction process and ask questions about bee keeping.

Using the uncapping fork to uncap. I found this much easier than the knife since I had 10 frames in the hive and the wax stopped at the wood.

Interested kids

Using the knife to uncap

An uncapped frame. The center is dark for I believe 2 reasons. The first being that the queen went into the honey super and laid eggs. I put on a queen excluder to keep her out once I found but, but by the time the bees hatched out the spring flow was over so the bees probably couldn't fill it up again until the fall flow, which is typically darker honey.

Loading up the extractor

Inside the extractor. We tried 5 frames at first to do two even loads, but the extractor didn't like that and wobbled way too much.

The honey must flow!

A now empty frame

All of the left over cappings

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