Bee day!

Bee day! Yesterday my foray in beekeeping began for real and the hours spent assembling frames and painting hives would pay off. I picked up 3 packages of bees, 12,000 bees a package, and installed them. It was crazy busy at the pickup place. I wasn't expecting the mass of people there all to get bees. There were at least 200 people there when I arrived, and I made it there in the last 30 minutes that they had bees. The crew that came up from Georgia with the bees seemed to be having fun though, and they didn't seem too tired despite being up for more than a day straight.

36,000 bees in my backseat!

Bees in a package. A few loose ones cling to the side, probably been there since Georgia.

The hives pre-bee installation. From left to right we have Cheese Palace, Boatmurdered and Leaf Litter.

A shot of the community garden the bee-yard is in from the vantage of the hives.

Packages on hives

More gratuitous bee shots

Getting the hives ready for bee dumping.

More prep.

Getting them nice and wet with that sugar syrup so fewer of them fly when I pop the top on that package.

A final shot inside the package.

The first queen cage, with live queen inside and many bees on the outside.

One little bee decided to check out a flower rather than hang out in the new hive.

How to get bees out of a box.

Going in and out of the first hive to relieve themselves from being stuck in a box and driving up from Georgia for 24 hours. There was bee poop everywhere!

This queen cage had a lot fewer bees that I needed to push off it for a clean shot.

Doing something with the second hive

Queen cage installed, frames in, just about set to put the lid back on.

Putting a gallon jug of sugar syrup on top for food.

Looking around for my hammer so I can nail the queen cage to the frame.

Freshly dumped bees just waiting for a frame to be placed on top of them before I seal it all up.

All done! Bees in their new homes. Just need to clean up now and head back. Will be going back today to pick up the package boxes. I hope the non-dumped out bees flew to the hive and didn't decide to freeze to death last night

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