Improving 3D Print Quality

If you could not tell, the gecko star I posted as my first 3d print was a long way off from the quality needed to print decent looking gecko gargoyle heads as bolt covers.  Current home 3d printing technology is no where near the consumer level yet, so printers like mine need a lot of tweaking in order to get the best performance from them.  The occasionally fun, usually tedious process of calibrartion consists mostly of tighting bands, repositioning gears, and making minute turns of screws to bring things into alignment.  Often these adjustments are trying to hit a target of 0.1mm which takes a fair bit of trial and error for someone making these changes at home equipment and not an engineering lab.  Still, it is very pleasing when you see the results pay off:

First print of a 3d scan of a bust of the head of Sappho

Though there are some obvious errors in the above print, it is clear that things are pretty close to making the quality of prints I am looking for to do the bolt covers.  The above print was created from a 3d scan of a bust of the head of Sappho, captured by Artec.Now that the printer is just about where I need it, I have to get back to work on either making better scans of the geckos or generating 3d models of their heads for turning into printable models.

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