Batten Down the Hatches!


The frankenstorm, Hurricane Sandy, is fast approaching which means it is time for me to get out and help the hives get through the storm ok.  The geckos and I should be just fine indoors, but the bees get to stay right where they are.  I headed out this morning to strap them all down to their cinder block hive stands to help them prevail against the winds.  They could still be potentially blown over, of course, but it is much less likely now and even if they are blown over the hives should stay together instead of each box toppling as it may.  I am sure the bees would not be happy to knocked over but I am sure they would prefer that than to have their hive opened to the elements and scattered around the bee yard.

The three community garden hives strapped to their cinder block stands to weather the winds of the storm.

The bees were out making preperations of their own.  I was pleasently surprised to see them out foraging and even coming back with pollen on their legs.  I have no idea where they are finding pollen at this time of year but I hope they stock up as much as they can.  The mouse guards on the hives are also helping make sure that the furry critters of West Philadelphia do not try and use the hives to stay dry and warm.  I am sure the bees will all be fine with these preperations done, but will be eager to check back with them mid to late next week to make sure.

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