After the Hurricane Sandy

Sandy has come and gone, and some parts of the east coast will be picking up the pieces for quite a while to come.  Philadelphia was lucky enough not to be hit too badly.  It was certainly an experience to sit in your apartment while the eye of the hurricane passed over head.  I had strapped my 4 hives down to their cinder block hive stands and could only hope it was enough for them during the storm.  When I was able to get out to check I was pleased to find that all four of the hives were just fine.  I soon learned, however, that this was not true of all area hives.

The worst I have heard about comes from Brooklyn, where 17 hives were swept into the East River.

One of their hives survived at least, and they posted a video of trying to get the surving hive into a decent position for survivng the winter:

Hurricane Bees from Gwen Schantz on Vimeo.


More images of the destruction

I am sure there are other other hives that were not able to weather the storms well, and I know myself and other Philadelphia beekeepers feel quite lucky that things were not worse for us here.

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