Bee Day #2

Today was the official start to my second year of beekeeping!  Sure I had prep work and other things that I did before today, but today is the day I actually pick up the packages and make a split.  Today the bees move into their new or previously deserted boxes and build upon the structures left by their predecesors.  I am also starting a new hive today at a new location.  A co-worker has expressed interest in having bees on her property and I am certainly happy to install a hive there, especially since it is within about a mile of the community garden where the other hives are.  This new hive shall be called Rhinelanders, and they will begin their path in West Philadelphia with a few frames from the remnants of Leaf Litter which died over the winter.  Taking over for Leaf Litter will be Queen Elizabeth the 1st and her package of workers.  In what remains of Cheese Palace will be a group of bees setting out from Boatmurdered, led by the Queen Bee Mary T the First who comes from the same place as the other packages.  Hopefully they all have a great year in 2012 and beyond!

Today was probably the worst day possible for package installation while still being able to get the bees in their new homes.  It was wet with intermittent rain, very windy, cloudy and cold.  No stings for me but one person who watched the ordeal at the community garden got a sting.  I suited up for the split from Boatmurdered because I doubt the bees from that hive would be very happy with me opening up their cozy boxes to steal some of their frames. Especially considering that was my most aggressive hive at the end of last year.

People waiting to get some packages of bees

I have my packages, time to drive back and install!

Only about 24,000 bees in my backseat this year

Queen Bee Mary T the First at the ready!  Queens from 2012 are marked with a yellow dot


Getting the hive all prepped for a package of bees

Only one package for the community garden this year

Queen Elizabeth the 1st's queen cage fell into her package, so I had to reach in to pull her out.  Everyone was horrified and thought I would pull my hand out with a million stings, but since the bees were in a swarm state they didn't really care and I didn't get a single sting.


 In go the bees!

Grabbing frames to repopulate Cheese Palace and showing a few things to those interested

Hives at the community garden all installed and good to go.

Rhinelanders all set up

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