Starting Over - New Bees for 2013

After the three strong hives at the community garden were killed I had one left in my friend's backyard. That hive was looking great but unfortunately did not make it through the winter leaving with me no living hives to start the year. It was very disheartening to lose all of those hives, particularly since they were strong and they were lost due to someone's deliberate actions. Since the community garden will remain exposed I decided to pull all but one hive from there for the time being. I am going to try and catch some swarms this year for the first time. If I am successful I will add some hives back to the community garden. For now, however, I am going to keep one at the community garden, once at the same backyard in West Philly, and a new one in another private residential yard in South Philly that would like to host a hive. I am not looking forward to having to travel to three different locations, but they are more or less on the way to each other so hopefully it will all work out ok. Last year the bees did great in part thanks to great weather and an extra long spring. Hopefully this year will mirror that. For now we will just have to wait and see. Below are some pictures from this third bee day of installing new packages.

Pile of old broken beekeeping equipment outside

Some old equipment ready for retirement

People in line to pick up packages of bees

People lined up to pick up their bee packages from Jim Bobb

Two bee packages in the front passanger seat of a car

Deja vu, 24,000 passangers riding shot gun this time

A bee clinging to the outside wire mesh on a package of bees

One of the bees, free from the package, clings to the outside wanting to be part of the swarm with her sisters

One of the queens in her cage from one of the bee packages

One of this year's queens that will hopefully lead to another good year

An installed package of bees going into its new hive

The package, just installed, with stragglers going into their new hive.  The hive on the right sits empty and ready in case I am able to capture a swarm to fill it.

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