Queen Problems

I don't know if it is bad luck or misdiagnosis but packages seem to have constant queen issues.  This is purely anecdotal, but it seems that they regularly either have something with their queen they don't like or something else happen with her and then try to replace her.  This seems to inevitably go wrong and the beekeeper needs to step in.  Prefering to try more local stock rather than the Georgian bees I usually get I was happy to find that Jeff Eckle had some virgin queens that were about to emerge that I could pick up.  Being virgin queens this means they need to be introduced to the hive and then go on their mating flights.  If lucky enough not be eaten by birds or some other fate during this all the hives should be back on track.  Though this takes more time than mated queens, it is my best option at the moment especially for locally bred queens.  The price is better as well.  Good luck on your flights ladies!

Two virgin queen bees in their cages with attendants

The two queens in their cages on a quick photo op before I turn them over to not bake in the sun on the ride to their new hives.

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