Gecko Condo's First Hatch

Last night I was feeding the geckos and thought "Wouldn't it be cool if there were baby geckos in here?"  Shortly after that thought, while changing the food in Green Man and Belite's partition, I saw two big gecko hatchlin eyes staring at me from next to the roach dish.  It took me a few seconds to realize what I was seeing, and one of the eggs Belite buried in her section of Gecko Condo had hatched! Blintz had arrived!

Blintz the night I found him, the first gecko hatched in Gecko Condo

I had not intended to leave Belite's eggs in Gecko Condo to hatch on their own, but she buried them somewhere and I could not tell where.  I didn't want to dig up her whole section and risk harming the eggs so I decided to leave them in and see what happened.  Then tonight, when I saw Blintz's clutchmate, Berliner, dart through a path in the substrate I knew where she had buried them and why I didn't find them.

Belite had moved the moss, dug through the substrate, and then buried the eggs underneath the naturalistic background but above the drainage layer on the very back of Gecko Condo.  I never thought to move the moss, so there they lay undistrubed.  There is one more clutch back there as well that probably has another month to go. I am going to leave them be so I don't risk damaging the hatchlings in the egg by rotating the eggs the wrong way while digging them out.

Now that I know Belite's preffered laying spot I will hopefully be able to incubate the eggs elsewhere the next time I know she is due to lay a clutch.  I am very glad to see that Gecko Condo provided the right environment for the eggs to hatch out in, however.  My only concern now is to get any future hatchlings out before their parents get hungry.  I don't know if Chahoua are canabalistic or not and I don't want to find out!

Blitz and Berliner

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