Swarm from 30th Street Station

My third swarm call came in today from the Philadelphia Police Department.  Apparently for roughly the past two weeks there has been a swarm of bees in a bush right where they walk their K9 unit at 30th Street Station.  The fact that it took two weeks to call someone is troubling, but I was glad they did call and was happy to get the swarm.  I sped over after work to find the small swarm after finding an officer to lead me to it. The clump of bees was quite small, but if the queen is still with them then they could still pull through.

A small swarm of bees

The swarm facing 30th Street Station

A small swarm of bees

The swarm facing east away from 30th Street Statino

Bees from a newly installed swarm coming out of the hive

I was quickly able to install the hive at the community garden, and the bees quickly started to explore.

A branch with leaves in front of the entrence to a bee hive

I placed a branch with several leaves over the entrance to the hive.  This way, the bees could still get out but would think their surroundings about the hive had changed rather than they were leaving their usual location.  This may not have been neccessary for a swarm, but I did not want to take the chance and have them try to return to 30th Street Station.  This is commonly done when making splits or movint hives to try and trigger the bees to make new orientation flights rather than return to where they were previously oriented to.

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