Swarm from 30th Street Station

A small swarm of bees

My third swarm call has finally gone better than the previous ones.

The Downed Bee Tree

A closeup of a tree split in two with a bee hive inside of it

My second swarm call proved more interesting and less sad than the first.

Wax Moths!

A drawn out frame damaged by wax moth larva

This year is not going as I have hoped, and the wax moths are not helping.

Queen Problems

Two virigin queen bees and their attendents in queen cages

Two of the hives are in need of queens so I try some virgin queens from a local breeder.

My First Swarm Call and a Tragedy for the Bees

The remains of a recently killed swarm of bees

My first swarm call and its unfortunate end.

Starting Over - New Bees for 2013

Old equipment scattered outside for retirement

After an unfortunate winter and vandalism leaves me with no surviving hives of 4 strong ones I get set to start on my third year of bee keeping.

Risks of Urban Beekeeping

Bees, dead from exposure due to hive vandalism

While I was away someone decided to open up three of the hives and leave them exposed to the elements.

Frosting the Hives

Fondant on the top bars of a hive

This past week I took advantage of the unusually warm weather to do a little winter feeding for the hives.

After the Hurricane Sandy

Drowned bees from a Brooklyn apiary

The west Philly hives made it out through the storm just fine, but the same cannot be said for other east coast bees.

Batten Down the Hatches!

Three hives strapped down for the storm

A hurricane is coming and bees must prepare themselves for the storm!


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